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Thread: Change Turntable/Junction Directions in Surveyor

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    Default Change Turntable/Junction Directions in Surveyor

    A week back I had posted asking how to make junctions as scenery objects. Well, I've learned and made one to fit 3.5-spaced track plans in yards and such. I have an invisible mesh, with attached track. 'Why don't you just make the junctions yourself?", you may ask. Well, I'm extremely troubled by track spacings that are not perfect. And, in this case, my worst enemy is a junction. These used to cause me much trouble before I knew about scenery junctions. Anyways, how do you change these junctions and turntables in surveyor, with a click (most likely with script)? I've heard that these scenery junctions don't work well with AI and signals, is this true? I really want my route to be good. I hope that there is a premade version of a plain, attached-track scenery junction, but has changeable track direction in Surveyor. Doubt it, but hope that it's added in T:ANE, along with "Improved Surveyor Features".

    If this isn't possible, is it possible to use a spline point of an attached-track scenery object as a junction vertex?
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