Jointed Rail Productions announces we will NOT be supporting T:ANE during the inital release phases. We are making no guarantees that our content will work or even look correct during this BETA period. We will not be providing support for T:ANE until the FINAL retail versions have been fixed and delivered. We hoped that the progress of T:ANE was much further along than it is in it's current state, we will watch for updates from N3V to indicate when we can expect to begin creating and supporting this new version.
Support will be extended for those versions below TS12 SP1 HF4 until the new version of Trainz has been released for retail sale.
We will not be able to support any issues that arise during the BETA phase of T:ANE. We do not have a timeline nor do we have any control over dates or promises made by any other organizations other that Jointed Rail Productions, LLC.
We will offer discounts to those people that would like to be at the latest version of TRAINZ 2012 that can take advantage of all of our content. If you need a copy of TRAINZ 2012 please contact our support department for further information.