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Thread: ControlJunction error in Driver

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    Default ControlJunction error in Driver

    Hello all,

    After spending the best part of 6 months sorting out the js-TRF path rule I have now stumbled across another seemingly recurring issue.

    After about 25 minutes of running my session I get this message:

    ControlJunctionCommand : Message Queue Overflow for node 26021 (discarded message follows)router message from 17527 ‘Junction 3354’ to 0000 “, message Junction, Toggled thread state is 0 messages already in queue follow:router message…

    This appears to grind the schedule to a halt. The numbers and junctions referred to vary every time I run the session. I am using the rule to control junctions that trigger platform announcements. They form part of a schedule within the js-TRF timetable rule. Bizarrely, the junctions referred to shouldn't be subject to the ControlJunction command.

    Any ideas what is causing this or how I can fix it?

    Many thanks,

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    That's usually a sign that you are overloading the message system in Trainz. I've had this happen with stations, and it may mean that you need to simplify the session.

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