I am using the Checkrail Evansville System to schedule assembly and breakdown of trains. Portaled trains drop cars and pickup cars to and from imaginary customers. The Evansville yards and industries are ideal for accumulation of goods for customers that arrive by river barge. My problem is keeping track of the many concurrent operations.

The old waybill system would be nice since it was just a simple (pretty) note system with no other use. I don't suppose anyone figured a way to put in back into TS2012. Or, if there is any other computer based system that allows me to keep track of which yard activities are responding to specific customer orders.

I can do all of the AI stuff with the available rules. But remembering that switcher #5 has to get 3 tank cars from siding Oil One at 10am, plus 20 or 30 other things will occur that day, makes it a mess waiting to happen.