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Thread: Looking for 1930-1960s Western Routes

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    Default Looking for 1930-1960s Western Routes


    Just getting back into Trainz and was wondering if anybody knows of some good Union Pacific 1930's-1960s maps to run big steam on. I have the Sherman Hill map from Italia but it is modern day so I was wondering if anybody has made any good period routes. The UP Overland Route would be awesome but I'm also searching for any western maps for any railroad set in this time period.

    I have T:ANE and Trainz 19

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    There are a couple of Nebraska routes, but they are also modern era. Also the Powder River route is a good Wyoming coal route, but it is also modern era. I imagine you could probably run vintage stock on any of them if you ignored modern cars, chain drive-ins and some of the other modern amenities... Great question, though, I wouldn't mind finding something for that era myself...
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    UMR2020 is a good route to run anything from the Americas
    don't forget Sherman Hill from TrainzItalia
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