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Thread: TrainzDepot introduces TrainzDev

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    Default TrainzDepot introduces TrainzDev

    Hello guys,

    some weeks ago, CJ187 (some of you may know him) asked me to help him creating an own website.
    No problem, it's a pleasure for me to help. Some time ago, i registered http://www.trainzdev.net, but didn't really use it so far, so idea grew up to offer a platform for Trainz content creators.

    That's how TrainzDev, a network for content creators was born.

    On the main page of TrainzDev you can see the latest posts over all included blogs.

    Available blogs so far (until now, all are in german language):

    TrainzDev is planned not to be restricted to german language, so the main page is in english (although there is a german site available, too).

    All available blogs are listed on Pages.

    You only need to register once to be able to comment all blogs.

    TrainzDev is a project of TrainzDepot, but not restricted to its members.

    I look forward to see some blogs in english (see About page if you're interested)!


    TrainzDev is not affliated with Auran, N3V, theTrainzDev-Wiki or the Trainz Developer blog (even if a link to it would be a good idea i guess)...
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