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Yes, I did use the historic aerials to take a look. I also went in and reviewed some of the North Adams images on the photo CD's I also offer. There are several shots that show the B&A yard as viewed from the B&M mainline. These are in the B&M b&W collection. There are also a few shots in the Misc. b&w collection in the New York Central folder. What I never really noticed is that in the B&M photos the B&A roundhouse is really easy to see. at the end they had three stalls left but even in the early 1950's I can't see any sign of the turntable.
Which is correct. The turntable pit got filled in at some point. I have a slew of photos so far from the B&M HS as well and also from the museum archives. The historic aerials website is awesome. I only wish the images were a bit bigger and without the watermark across the middle. That thing manages to sit just where I manage to need a clear view of something. At this point, I'm past track laying and now placing buildings... The fun begins.