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Thread: Show Off Your Routes *Potential For Large Screenshots*

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    It's a pretty short module, but i'll go for it. This is my W.I.P Sunnyside Yards (Freelanced). And this is one of the main portals of the East River Tunnels to New York Penn Station, which i'm still trying to find a good route for Penn. But i'm fine for now.

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    This post in the General Forum https://forums.auran.com/trainz/show...00-s-crossbuck prompted me to discover a crossing sign I thought I would have to model myself. Thanks both to that post's OP and Normhart. gfisher's "PRR Road Crossing Sign PA" while not the answer for the OP was what I was looking for. The EBT RR used a copy of this PRR crossing sign. Not surprising since they took over some of the old PRR tracks and station in Mt Union. I took a picture many years ago of the one still standing at the Meadow St crossing across from the Orbisonia Station and EBT Shop complex in Rockhill Furnace, PA. I was going to use my picture as the basis for a model but the wording and shape on George's is the same. Looks right at home on the Meadow St crossing on my EBT route. Very much still a WIP, shown in TRS19 but everything in the pic was originally made for TRS04 or 06.

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    Sadly the EBT RR is no longer running, we need a millionaire to take it over, and start it back up to getting running again.

    We used to spend 3 days at the EBT RR, and 27 days camping, starting from Reading to Pocono's, Mechanicsburg, Philipsburg, Altoona, areas.

    We had an absolute blast there !
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