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Thread: Forum Code of Conduct - Enforcement

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    Quote Originally Posted by RioGrandelocos View Post
    What about for Trainz chat? Spamming, fights and lots of other annoyances occur a lot in it...
    You use Trainz iChat? I thought that they (iChat users) had all died out. The reasons you listed are the very reasons why I (and probably most others) avoid it. To me Trainz is a hobby, to be enjoyed in peace and quiet (apart from the train noises). If I had wanted to participate in an endless "cat fight" with others, I would not have retired from work.

    My thoughts only.
    A member of the "Party Machine". Now if only I could remember where they are holding the party!

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    Default On the other hand?

    Dear Tony, I fully understand that some level of decorum is necessary on any chat site like this, but! It appears to me, that with your rather draconian approach to it all, that any inward negative input or criticism towards either the trainz product or the trainz community itself is dealt with, in a rather totalitarian dispatching fashion! I do not believe that is what a forum is about! You will end up with a few consenting, submissive individuals all agreeing with each other, about how well behaved they are and what they own.
    I am writing this because I have been banned before under the name of Zapata935. I'm not bothered about getting banned again, because I feel that your forums have nothing to offer me any more.
    If a person like me is wrong in what I say, then It should be debated down with argumentative narrative and logic! That is the machinery of a forum? The chance to flame or deride someone who you disagree with is essential to an argument. Why do you want to hide away from the subjects and topics that people get angry and frustrated at? That is like running away from discussions, issues and life itself.
    I believe that you need to take the baby bracers off your trike and chat site and try living in the real world!

    I guess this is also goodbye, BrakemanJake

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    We will have to agree to disagree. Derision, name calling and personal attacks are simply bullying and not part of a "reasonable discussion". There are the sign of not having anything positive to contribute to the argument.


    Please note: There's no need to comment further on this thread about the brakemanjake post. Please keep any discussions on topic and within the CoC.
    Tony Hilliam

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    Not being specific here, but I've been known to complain about things that bug me, which I dare say is normal. But I will agree with Tony in no way should anyone "deride" another person. Any sensible person would surely see that as going over the line? Commenting that something bugs you is fair, even if it is operator error (not looking at myself much). But you have to have a boundary, and I see no problem with that. Keep it civil is far more pleasant, IMHO.

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