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  1. Do pardon me. I meant the locomotives. And...

    Do pardon me. I meant the locomotives.

    And thank you all for your assistance in this matter!
  2. Would They Paint Their Express Trains in the 1910's?

    I understand that in the era of American type 4-4-0's, they'd often paint their locomotives extravagant colours. Into the 1910's, however, would they have used a regular weathered locomotive or would...
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    Are There Many Trainz 2012 Sessions?

    Very recently I got Trainz 2012, and I'm wondering if, 7 years later, Trainz 2012 still has any sessions for multiplayer? How am I to access them? How do I gain friends to play with? What maps are...
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    Multiplayer w/ 2012?

    Anybody want to do multiplayer in Trainz2012 on the built in one?
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