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  1. Southern Railway (US) aluminum whistle/ grade crossing sign

    Where can I find a Southern Railway (US) whistle boards? I found some awhile back but I can't find them. Does anyone know where I can find some?
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    Sticky: What about something like idk. a shortline...

    What about something like idk. a shortline Locomotive such as Tallulah Falls 2-8-0 No. 78 or Tallulah Falls 70 Toners 501 & 502 or a GE 70 tonner alone. NOTE: Tallulah Falls was a name of a railroad...
  3. Missing a .tga file for kuid:96914:990025 (vulcan cabin shell) Need help Please.

    I installed one of bdaneals addons and it game me the error saying: - VE40: Unable to load primary texture 'dummy.tga' for texture file 'dummy.texture.txt'.Basically the dummy.tga file is missing so...
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    My Railroad or Railway is the Appalachian...

    My Railroad or Railway is the Appalachian Mountain Railroad/Railway CO. When a Failed attempt to Merge all the Railroads running in the Appalachian Mountains
    is Re-grouped and finally works, Forming...
  5. Train Cars ( Default )/Locomotives Will Have a Weird Glitch. CANT SEE NOTHIN.

    Im having a Glitch with the TTX Container Cars. They ( along with a few other stuff ) Will Have a Glitch, It will Not allow you to see, it only happens with a few SD80MACs i downloaded,i forget...
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