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    What happened with Jaden Penn?

    I can say that I'm not the best at following news but I went to Jadens repaint site to get his newer mallet reskin, however when I looked I couldn't find it.
    his deviantart page said he...
  2. his original model doesn't have a texture and I...

    his original model doesn't have a texture and I don't know how to texture. What I'm asking is for anyone that knows how to skin engines to make a custom one for me. Later I might put it on the dls...
  3. Need someone to texture a trainz model for personal/ non dls use


    Zappajet left many models for free use by people in his content creation pack. I have a working model of his mallet locomotive, but, it seems that he never got around to finishing the...
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    Help With Whistle

    I'm new to trainz but worked up the courage to make a whistle for my favorite train N&W 611.
    I found a tutorial on how to make three part whistles and followed it well. My whistle has all...
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