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  1. ?

    How long does it have to be?
  2. Couldnt find it

    I couldn't find any dummy buffers in the selection thingy
  3. How to get trains to go through buffers

    So I went to create a new route in Trainz 2019 and for entertainment reasons I wanted a train in the route to go through a set of buffers at the end of the route. I've seen people accomplish it on...
  4. How to fix eye textures that are a jpg file

    I tried to fix an engine's eye texture but it's a jpg file (I only know how to fix eye textures that are bmp files). Does anyone know what to turn a jpg file into?
  5. Already tried that

    I already tried deleting and reinstalling it, it didn't work.
  6. How to get Emily 2012 to work

    Does anyone know how to get the Emily 2012 model to work? Because when I try to open her file, it says the format is "unknown or damaged". If anybody knows how to make her function, please tell me...
  7. Replies

    How to add Emily into trainz

    If you want an Emily model you can get her here:


    You can also get her coaches here:
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