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  1. More BC&SJ screen shots. in a new thread

    I started another page to consolidate my BCSJ screenshots (and other related posts)
    The thread is:

    Bear Creek & South Jackson - progress reports - Building a Mountain Railroad (1080p)...
  2. Types of grasses I'm using

    JCitron is right. The grass objects are a combination of JVC grass (and shrub) splines and Turf-FX grass using a combo of seasonal 4 and seasonal 10 for the effect of some grass gone to seed while...
  3. Objects that aren't there floating in mid air - ghost trees

    I apologize if this is a duplicate post. I searched using the forum search engine and using Google but didn't see anything.

    Last night while working on a somewhat large/complicated route, I found...
  4. Thread: USA Pics

    by horacefithers


    WEST from DENVER - WIP -
    Those are some really nice tree covered hills. Highly relistic, not that the rest of the screen shots are anything to sneez at!
  5. Part 2 - Scenery Reaches Bear Creek! Citizens Celebrate!

    Back again...

    Live near Portland, Oregon. Right now, when I look out the window it's snowing. I find it a trifle ironic that the weather on my Oregon-based railroad is much nicer. Makes me want to...
  6. Scenery Reaches Bear Creek! Citizens Celebrate! ...

    Scenery Reaches Bear Creek! Citizens Celebrate! (part 1) (1920x1080 images)
    I spent the afternoon doing screen shots of the second half of the route between Junction City and Bear Creek yard.
  7. Thanks for the tip Dan! H.Fithers

    Thanks for the tip Dan!
  8. Bear Creek & South Jackson - progress reports - Building a Mountain Railroad (1080p)

    Hi all,

    I've been at work on the BC&SJ doing some scene detailing heading east out of Junction City toward Bear Creek since I posted the thread Junction City is taking shape on the BC&SJ.

  9. Thank you all for your kind remarks! For some...

    Thank you all for your kind remarks!

    For some screen shots of the rest of the route check out page 2 of Building a Mountain Railroad.

    I'm working on several projects at the moment.
    o Pushing...
  10. Junction City on the BC&SJ (part 3)

    Part three of the Junction City screen shots...

    There's a little hill outside the west end of town where the rich twits live....
  11. Junction City on the BC&SJ (part 2)

    Lets continue with more screen shots (I'm a menace with a camera - don't know when to stop shooting - and that seems to have carried over to TRAINZ screenshots).

    Let's get down to earth (lol)...
  12. Junction City is taking shape on the BC&SJ

    I've been hard at work on the BC&SJ (Bear Creek & South Jackson) virtual edition.
    The Junction City area is getting close to being finished up. So I thought I would share some screen shots with...
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    Car order operation?

    By card order system are you referring to the system where a number of destinations are listed on an index card with a paper clip clipped to the card to show the current destination. When the car...
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    Trainz and JMRI Panel Pro

    Has anyone used JMRI Panel Pro to construct an external CTC machine for a Trainz route and successfully connected it to Trainz so a dispatch can use the CTC machine to operate Trains turnouts and...
  15. Thanks!

    Thanks for the tip maruffjd. It completely fixed my issue.

  16. Using the TRS19 built in video camera

    Hi all,

    I've looked around the forum and using Google but I can't seem to find how to actually use the Trainz 2019 built-in cameras (accessed via F5) to shoot video (or at least find the video...
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    Thanks JCitron

    I'll check that the road connects. However, if memory serves me correctly I think those are stand along wig-wags...

    I spent some time in the asset manage looking at the trees you mentioned. I...
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    Screen shots - continued...

    Screen shots of the BCSJ route - continued from the previous post...

    Drifting westward down the grade below the summit tunnel....
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    Screen shots of the route in progress


    Well, I've been making progress on building my virtual layout.

    I got started at the end where things are flatter and have finally progressed up to the mountain areas.

    The BCSJ (Bear...
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    drawing outside the brush radius...

    When painting TurfFX I find it especially annoying that

    the turf "splatters" well outside the radius of the turf brush leading to "grass all over the place" syndrome even when being careful to...
  21. Problem with switch stand aspect display

    I've been replacing the default switch stands in TRS19 with some others:

    CNR Switch Stand Main 1
    CNR Switch Stand Yard 1

    These switch stands have red circle "targets" that move...
  22. Unable to bulk replace regular track with procedural track in TRS19

    I have tons of JR US track #4-132 (narrow ballast)

    I thought I'd try a bulk replace with TRS19 Track 1 Procedural - Seasonal

    The bulk replace tool balked saying the objects were different...
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    TRS19 procedural USA prototype track?

    Sorry to be late to this party...

    I'm still rather new to TRS19 (just passed my first month mark) so this may be a dumb question... (as usual)

    The procedural track looks nice and makes turnouts...
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    Reskining in TRS2019

    I was trying to reskin an object or three for the route I have under construction, however the Images2TGA tool doesn't seem to work with TRS2019 textures.

    Is there a new texture editor?
  25. Response from JR regarding the SP-2 4-10-2 steam loco asset

    From Kevin at JR:
    2019 as a whole is not officially supported and I highly doubt the SP 4-10-2 will maintain compatability when we do finally go thru with supporting 2019 due to a number of factors....
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