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  1. Sticky: No, they are not derails. I did spot one that...

    No, they are not derails. I did spot one that might have been one, but I don't think I listed it. Most of these are, as I say, in the woods, not near a railway track.

    I had another look. Maybe...
  2. Sticky: Unused or problematic junctions?

    In exploring a problem with "junction is missing lever . . . ", as mentioned above, I found a few junctions that seem to be extraneous and one definitely a problem.

    The problem junction is...
  3. Sticky: Missing lever

    I just bought Trainz 2019 and am exploring the new-to-me routes that came with it, including Canadian Rocky Mountains - Golden, BC.

    One of my favourite ways to use Trainz is setting up my own AI...
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