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  1. 4014's final trip of 2019: The Great Race Across the Southwest

    Socal look out! 4014 is visiting Los Angeles, along with Las Vegas, Tucson, El Paso, San Antonio, Houston, Marshall, Texas, North Little Rock, Kansas City, Missouri, before returning to Cheyenne via...
  2. Union Pacific 4014 arrived at Laramie, Wyoming at...

    Union Pacific 4014 arrived at Laramie, Wyoming at 1:04PM Mountain Time. She will be there for a 45-minute service stop before continuing on.
  3. Union Pacific 4014 has made it to Laramie, Wyoming

    Union Pacific 4014 first appeared on the Laramie, Wyoming webcam at 1:04PM Mountain Standard Time. It will be in Laramie for 45 minutes for servicing before continuing on....
  4. Big Boy 4014 Largest Steam Locomotive in the World Runs Again

    History has been made! Also, remember to check out Virtual Railfan's Laramie, Wyoming webcam on their YouTube Channel tomorrow, May 4th between 12:30PM Mountain Time and 1:15PM Mountain Time and from...
  5. She lives! ...

    She lives!

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