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  1. Fires break out with our Horrible Santa Ana Wind conditions.

    Good Day all and a blessed Sunday to all,

    Well this has been another one of those crazy weeks, Hot winds and several Fire outbreaks, with some poor folks losing their homes and a few losing their...
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    AI is and still remains flawed as an Operator

    ;) I would if you allow,

    Say that fundamentally!!!

    Software by it's design, that of Human work, is never 100%, :(

    I started Computers before Bill Gates ever Wrote Windows, and Norton Disk...
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    hiawathamr is a good Fog chaser too, the pictures...

    hiawathamr is a good Fog chaser too, the pictures are nice and clear :p (just kidding of course) Foggy Pics are OK too....:hehe:
  4. Dont hit the Exit button unless you saved your latest changes,,,,LOL

    Evening all, Weds hump day has come is almost gone, Nice cooler weather for a bit, and then will warm a bit.....Slowly our average high temps are settling down.......

    So today I was working on...
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    Nice find for tonight I found some I didn't have.......Cool!!

    ;) Thanks for tip on Barges, I only had 3 of them for whatever reason, maybe they came on a Route, but now when I looked up "pat1949" these others showed up,, so I am going to download them...
  6. Asparagus Fern gone wild in my yard and Derailment on new Eastern Kentucky Route!!

    Evening Hiawathamr,

    :p Looks like you are on a Roll with the Sessions......Very nice looking Screenies.....

    Been working around outside removing some more of this invasive Asparagus...
  7. My Plumber brought bad news today on main Kitchen to Sewer Line......IT breaking up!!

    Evening all,

    I downloaded some of Hiawathamr's items, for some reason, I thought I had him listed my preferred Asset/Route Builders list, apparently I did not.......OOPS

    My list of Authors...
  8. Thread: Sad news

    by blueodessey

    NECCOs my favorite Candy long ago ///// What was the Twinkie Defense

    :wave: Evening John,

    Wow, that is crazy on NECCO I used to eat those candy wafers etc, can't as much anymore, Blood sugar has to be watched now.....It's called good mgt of your health......I...
  9. Like that fresh dirt effect you have going on here!!

    ;)Hello hiawathamr,

    Looking swell there, your LOCO looks well preserved for her age........And this sign placement is perfect........Looks beat up, nice weathering affects by whomever created...
  10. Beer Line connections in play / Red Light Signal issues discussed (resolved) Etc

    Good Tuesday Evening all,

    I have meetings tomorrow starting very early due our heavy traffic on Local Freeways, so I thought I would get this out tonight, rather than trying to do when I get home...
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    List of Canadian Routes I have used.

    https://forums.auran.com/trainz/images/smilies/agrin.gif Good evening Sir and Welcome aboard to the wild and wacky World of Trainz, I am not that good for searching Canadian Routes, you could try ...
  12. Thread: Sad news

    by blueodessey

    Wow, that is sad to hear .......Forester.....Et...

    Wow, that is sad to hear .......Forester.....Et JCitron too!:(

    :sleep: You know we used to say for many years, up in the Executives area, they had what are called Bean Counters, who did nothing...
  13. Way cool on environment settings...../GPU almost burned up last night!!!

    Looks really good, and did I hear Crickets at night singing away, really cool effect.......Nice Cloud pattern too!

    And on your other set of Pictures, I like the way you did the recently Closed...
  14. :wave: Hello KotangaGirl, Hope you are doing...

    :wave: Hello KotangaGirl,

    Hope you are doing OK there, as for your surmise of dumb decision making, by the inept, and totally ill informed, etc, etc, over here same issue with Green Line Light...
  15. :cool: Welcome my Friend, good to hear...

    :cool: Welcome my Friend, good to hear that........Nothing like a good sounding Whistle...........:wave:
  16. Industrial railway

    Evening Folks,

    Just kind of tripped over this searching for some other rail related items, apparently there are not as many of these as there once was,,,,I think they are on the Extinction list in...
  17. https://forums.auran.com/trainz/member.php?412211-shebashetan7


    :D Sir you might also check with


    He does a lot of Asset work with Whistles and stuff and very...
  18. :D Yes I am, I want to someday visit your...

    :D Yes I am, I want to someday visit your country and see your fine Railroads, I live in So California, where they build a Railroad from somewhere to nowhere geographically speaking....And they...
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    Train Brake release Notes

    :wave: Try this link, it has several discussions links for you to chose, I think it will address your issue hopefully.....?
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    Double Slip Switch operation shown in MSg 124, 1st photo?

    :o I'm not sure about this,

    But in the msg below mine, msg 124 your first picture, there, is that a double slip switch setup you have going on there? ;)
  21. Lord have mercy, and you know the rest of that...

    Lord have mercy, and you know the rest of that line.....LOL

    ;) Well you need to get the Route out there one day, and I need to buy your "American Plains route" another thing on my Bucket list, as...
  22. Thank you for helping with our Tree issues in TRS2019

    Nice Pics and very nice work on Rebuilds,

    That is one of the things in my Bucket list, I have several Routes with Translucent Trees, and or terrible looking Trees that can't be used in TRS-19...
  23. Shunting first load of Beer out of Wisconsin Beer Line

    Good morning hiawathamr,

    WOW oh WOW, if I didn't know this was Trainz Shot here I would think it was real life........Detail is incredible..........Sorry to hear you got the Corrupted File Copy...
  24. Evening Sir, Love the Pics and the Sky color...

    Evening Sir,

    Love the Pics and the Sky color style you have going on.

    I'm doing better this week, I just had to buckle down and do more error checking with TRS-19 Trainz too make sure I...
  25. Sometimes you can't fix Stupid..........:hehe: ...

    Sometimes you can't fix Stupid..........:hehe:

    IF you slap in the face, they'll stand back and look at you having no clue they did anything wrong, glad the Train didn't have to go into...
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