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I will tell you a little bit of history here how it all begin!!

-Well, ..It all actually started when I got a small trainset when I was 6 years old (1962). And nothing else was important that night, not even food in just that particular evening, Christmas Eve (yes we spend Christmas this day) I was totally in heaven that early night. (I should put this photo up too!!! -Taken by my parents)

Märklin HO..
-Anyway, ..a brand new set from German Märklin was brought to me for christmas present.
-A steamtrain, a flatwagon and a boxcar, 2 switches and 10 curves and many strait tracks.
-And how long did you think it took me to built it.. well, ..about 30 sec I believe... lol
-I was soooooo exited... -All together, an oval with a sidetrack.. And guess what, ..that steam-engine was really overheated that night.. believe me! It went round and round and round. Sometimes I switched in the train to the sidetrack for exchange!!! haha... (I remember it still today 51 years later now 2013)

-Well, since then I have almost been addicted to trains, tracks, yards.. everything witch is connected to railways. -It´s almost a sickness.. believe me.. OK! -I don´t think of trains etc. every minute and every day.. if then I would have a real problem and I had probably been locked up a long time ago..

My Grandfather..
-Well you see, I think I have it in my genetics.. believe it or not!! :) -My grandfather was a steamtrain driver in the 1920 - 30´s.. Maybe not that big engines they had or still have in US. But still, it was a steamtrain anyway.. Think it was 4,6,2 one of them have!! -Have them in pics on my PC.
-Hmm.. So, I ´think´ I should have been a traindriver. But I wasn´t sadly.. -Well you know how things are when you are a little kid.. ;

-I want to be a policeofficer when I grow up... or,
-I shall be fireman when I grow up..

-Do you recognize the frases.. I´m sure many of you do!!

Well, I grow up (I think.. lol) I become to be a Industry man instead, a machine operator as in turners and cutters of steel (soo far back, my education after highschool). And then a telephone installer at Swedish Royal Telegraph Company for 10 years (a very old frase, not any more), a sun blind/marquis maker (outside the windows).. Then a billjard attendant, then a gardener, a painter and a gardener again and now present as snow shoveling guy!! ..Some where in between a pipe cleaner too.. (I forgot)

-AND NOT even a singel red thin thread of tracks, yards or even a big TRAIN in my mind when I was in School... hmmm..
Sadly, -So sadly!! -And bad, bad..!!! Well.. They say it isn´t too late to be a grown man.. haha!!

6 Years old again..
-Well, I´m happy anyway.. I´ve got my trainsimulator on my computer now so I can be 6 years old again EVERY DAY if I like... well, at some spare times of couse. -And you can see my argchitechturenessssssnesssyynnn.. nnn?? (tricky word) of my route.. -What do you think!? (maybe I should been a architect instead!?) -Add some comment if you like about it, I would appreciate it!!
-Oh, I forgot to say, I stillllllll have my trainset left, since I was 6 years old..

Well thats me, a big nutcase of trainzzzzzz, but you know what!!
-The trainset you know: It´s great value these days believe me.)
-But I think you allready guess that, right..!?

Regards from Sweden
Trainz of couse, pc, cars.. (new Polo 2013) and many other things!


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