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  1. Hello, first time i sorry for my english, im not from english country, but i hope i can tell you what i want. so... I find bug in enhanced interlocking tower. Sometimes, if i cancel a active path with command: IT CancelEnhancedPath, this path stay active, but only "lose" owner, so any ather game is "lose" too couse this path is still active for all time in game and cannot be deactivated or canceled and other path in railway using same signals or junctions cannot be activated (couse this bugged path is still active...but uncancellable). If u want try, this situation will happened every time if u get two command in consecutively: set path and cancel path immediately. First path will not be activated with owner, but only "activated"...if you want screens with this situation or some more info, please contact me on e-mail azaren@seznam.cz
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    Hi Pierre,

    I have updated to SP2 and have updated all your rules and scripts. I am having a few problems with your updates. I no longer have your email address, but I would like to send you
    what a more detailed explanation of what I am experiencing.

    Glen Carlson
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    I sent you a PM
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    Hello Pierre,

    Can you email me at rampotter@yahoo.com.au so that I can try to send 'Razorback Railway' route and 'This one' session for testing of 'Drive to Station'. As discussed in Trainz forum. Thanks for any assistance you are able to provide.

    Russell (rmdk22)
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    Hi pguy,

    I looked at your script for the mc custom HUD V2, and I have a question about the function DescribeSig() (at the end of the script).
    It's about the way you check if a signal can display extended version:
    public string DescribeSig(Signal s)
    string ret;
    int state = s.GetSignalStateEx();

    if(state == 0) // may not be able to give Ex state
    state = s.GetSignalState();

    Does the last condition "if" works? I tried it in my script but it doesn't work and I guess that's because extended signal can also display the state STOP (=0)
    So I was wondering if you know a method that can't leave any doubts about checking if a signal can display extended state?

    Good night!

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    Hey dude, like some of your Trainz driver commands

    I was hoping I could talk you into making a change in the session parms appearance.

    You have the values, shown in white, and the green background is so light now, I can barely even see there is text there, much less what it is. Would you be able to make the white text, a darker color?

    And, besides that. Do you have plans for a driver command to check for track occupancy between 2 trackmarks? Preferably, one that has the choice to distinguish between rolling stock and power? (thinking of doing some automated consist deliveries and departures, while I work the yard, and don't want a departing power to pick up the consist on the track I'm working on at the time, but if I'm not on the track, to go ahead and grab it and take off with it)

    Thnxy for your work, have a good one o/

    -- Smoov
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