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  1. Hi Pagroove,
    I have download and installed your Icarus Shinkansen 2.0 TRS19 route. It's excellent route for Shinkansen. I love it very much.
    But i do have missing several kuids in your route. Here are the list :
    <kuid2:338927:25006:1>,<kuid2:338927:25004:1>,<kui d2:338927:25003:1>,<kuid:453099:100067>,<kuid2:338 927:25000:1>,<kuid2:338927:25005:1>,<kuid:181574:1 029>,<kuid2:338927:25002:1>
    Where can i download those kuids ?

    Thank You in Advance.... can't wait to see the final works of your Icarus Shinkansen Route
  2. Hi J driver. made engine sound for the Shinkansen 0, 700 n700 series, E5 and n700-8000 Sakura (the last one is best to use also on the normal N700 as it is more realistic. I recorded it myself in Japan .
  3. Hey Pagroove, I was just woundering if there's any other engine sounds you made besides the E2 Shinkansen
  4. Do what you like. It is your winter version. Looking forward to it (especially some screenshots) when done. The main network on the outside of the island has normal gauge. The Japanese EMU parts are 1067mm and the Shinkansen is standard gauge.
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    Doesn't the standard gauge portion other than Shinkansen has more track age than the 1067mm? If so, I'm pulling a Japanese version just by swapping track gauges. Since there's very little segments of standard gauge (other than Shinkansen) in japan. I'm also rearranging the catenaries in proccess. I'll still do the winter version with the original track gauge layout, I'd just be updating track & Catenaries in process. Then the demo Session, I'll be using a GG1 on the original track gauge layout, and on the Japanese version, once I get the consist right, The limited express Sakura for it's demo.
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    I wasn't able to, I'll have to start a new project. Then just up version it to T:ANE, for some reason TS:12 runs better.
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    My laptop went out to repairs after my screen went black & won't start again, lost my progress on the winter version. Sorry about that.
  8. Dear pagroove,
    just incase my other message didn’t send to u
    i will post a message here
    so hmm I’m gonna buy TANE and I wanna download the electro island for TANE...but I can’t find it...I try finding it in the download station but it didn’t show up
    can I have the link or a name so that I can find the electro island v 4.0 for TANE please
    please reply
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    Dear Pagroove,

    I was wanting to ask for permission to do a combined route with your Electro Island V4.0 & Icarus Shinkansen? You don't have to worry, I always credit original owners for their content. I don't expect an answer if you don't want to, I'm fine with that. I was thinking of a winter version, since there is a summer setup.

  10. Hey pagroove
    if u don’t mind can I have the map of the electro island 4.0 please?
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Electro Island 2.0. broken on builds higher than Trainz 12 SP1.

by pagroove on April 4th, 2015 at 08:54 AM
Currently I can confirm that the route is broken on build 61388 but probably on all builds higher than Trainz 12 SP1.

If you plan on downloading my route you can better wait till I come with a fix. I will bring a new version 2.1 out during next week for Electro Island users that use a higher build than Trainz 12 sp1.

I just went to a 13+ hour long session to reinstall Trainz 12 and patch it up to the highest build (while also keeping a pre SP 1

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The map of Electro Island v 2.0. and its 3 largest cities on the Island

by pagroove on March 13th, 2015 at 04:01 PM

In this blog I show you the main map and tell you something about the 3 most important cities on Electro Island.

Throughout history 4 main nationality groups have settled on Electro Island. The English, German and French live in the cities of Northtropp and Colden while the interior of the Island is mainly Japanese with the main city of Toshin. The reason why I explain in a future blog. Because of this Electro Island has a rich mixture of different rail systems. The TGV line

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Trainz Simulator 12

The 'world' around Electro Island

by pagroove on March 12th, 2015 at 08:18 PM
The 'world' around Electro Island

In a parallel universe on a planet far away lies the region of the Icarus Gulf Region on the Northern edge of the continent of Icaria.
This Icarus Gulf was created by a large asteroid impact millions of years a go. The Icarus bay is nowadays home to many different countries and Electro Island is a sovereign state that lies on an island at the East side of the Icarus Gulf.

Here is a map of the Icarus Gulf:

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Updated March 13th, 2015 at 12:08 PM by pagroove

Trainz Simulator 12

The Electro Island v.2.0. and up blog

by pagroove on March 12th, 2015 at 07:59 PM
Electro Island 2.0. and up


I have decided to start a blog about my layout that I'm building since 2011. I was posting about this in the Japan screenshots thread but Electro Island v.2.0. is so much more than those Japanese lines. Although they play a very large role.

This blog will serve as a progress diary, screenshot and instruction section. I have chosen for a blog instead of a screenshots thread so that I can work in my own tempo with posting the

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Updated March 12th, 2015 at 08:49 PM by pagroove

Trainz Simulator 12