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    Norm Hart

    Agree with all the praise and hopes for Norm. A wonderful inspiration, appreciator of everything, and more of a creator than he may have thought.

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    Norm Hart

    If he is in California, then he may be away from home because of the wild fires. The northern half of the state has a huge problem with fires cutting

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    How to get Emily 2012 to work

    This means the asset, Emily, is corrupted and needs to be reinstalled, or perhaps downloaded again and installed again.

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    Any quarry assets?

    Here's something I cobbled up using various assets from Ben Dorsey and Shortline (Linda). Also look for those assets that begin with YR these are wawasoo's

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    Any quarry assets?

    Try looking for mine-related assets. Many of the buildings and equipment used at mines are similar to what quarries use. There are also things like 3D

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    I have no problem going from TS10 to TRS19 with older content and routes. The idea is that TS12 starts the process of replacing billboard trees with speedtrees

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    UK Screenshots for Pre BR Blue. High resolution warning.

    Cheers, evilcrow

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    Yes indeed that the class 395 WAS created in created in trainz before but the model is taken down due to the model being copyrighted.


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    Steamshots USA..Lets See Some Steam Shots..

    On a warm Summer's evening, as the shadows start to fall, B&M 3711 makes the last stop for passengers, before the sprint to Boston.

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    Indonesian Trainz

    Besuk Senin lagi

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    Wich types are you specifically interested in?

    You previously mentioned the British Classes 395 and 800. The Class

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    Australian screenshots

    Hi All,

    Continuing on my previous post regarding my QR Catenary MLE Type - here is a few progress shots around Woondum, simulating MLE

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