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    by Published on February 13th, 2013 10:29 PM  Number of Views: 2119 

    After last week's article about the success of our new Trainz Driver icon, I'd like to share with you our progress since then.

    As shown last week, the new icon made a three-fold increase to sales in a couple of days. The charts below show sales over a "normal" two week period, then the next chart shows the effect of the new icon in week 3.

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    I'd like to share a story with you about some of the most important pixels in today's game market - the 57 x 57 pixels that make up the "app icon" on your smartphone. This story is based on our experience over the past 2 months with our mobile app called Trainz Driver (Dec 2012/Jan 2013).

    All good app developers already know that their app icon is important. It's the first thing a user sees when browsing the app store and aims to give customers at least some idea of what to expect. What is not so well known is just how dramatically this little icon can affect your sales!

    First some background about our app. Trainz Driver was originally released in August 2012. We had spent more than a year developing the iPhone version which was based upon our already successful "Trainz Simulator" app for iPad/Android Tablet. This version had in turn had been created as a result of our 10-year development of the Trainz franchise on PC.

    Icon selection

    When it came to icon selection, we knew how important is was and decided outsourcing the art. Hoever we didn't really like any of the icons provided (a selection of these are shown below).

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    No, we haven't announced a new version of Trainz (just yet) but with 2013 now upon us and Trainz entering its 13th year of development, we thought it would be a good time for a bit of an update.

    While talking about 13, we recently counted up the number of Trainz products released around the world, and came up with ... 13 different versions! There have been a few other releases limited to certain markets such as ProTrains Perfect, Trainz Railways and Trainz - The Complete Collection, but the list below are all products that have been available throughout the world.

    Dec 2001 - Trainz Community Edition
    Jun 2002 - Trainz 1.3
    Nov 2002 - Ultimate Trainz Collection
    Sep 2003 - Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004 (Trainz Railway Simulator 2004 in UK)
    Sep 2005 - Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006
    Feb 2006 - Trainz Driver
    July 2007 - Trainz Classics
    Nov 2008 - Trainz Simulator 2009: World Builder Edition
    Nov 2009 - Trainz Simulator 2010: Engineers Edition
    Dec 2010 -
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    The much anticipated "Introduction to Steam" pack has been released for iPhone users. Update Trainz Driver now or head over ...
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    The first week of operation of the new SimulatorCentral.com store set new sales records for Trainz downloadable content sales (DLC). The three "route packs", selling at ...
    Published on September 21st, 2012 10:22 PM  Number of Views: 23252 

    The new Simulator Central online store is now open for business. To celebrate we've created our biggest sale ever with up to 75% off Trainz and related products.

    Here's just a few of the specials:
    • Trainz Simulator 12 drops from $49.99 way down to just $12.48!
    • LMS Duchess in Crimson and Brunswick Green with 36 road numbers and 24 carriages. Was $19.99 Now $4.98!
    • Heritage Mega Pack: ES44AC & SD70Ace each in 10 different liveries. Was $69.90 Now $17.48!
    • PRR T1 Prototype and Production models with a huge number of scripted extras and awesome interiors. Was $19.99 Now $4.98!
    • Settle & Carlisle, the famous scenic British route complete with Britannia and A3 Pacific locos, semaphore signalling, AWS for the diesel locs. Was $19.99 Now $4.98!

    SimulatorCentral replaces the Auran.com/shop and is managed by N3V Games. We will be adding many more simulator products and many more features to the new store such as customer ratings and reviews, improved searching, custom coupons and more.

    So what are you waiting for? Head over to http://www.simulatorcentral.com right now.

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