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    NZR Ja class Stream

    hi there how to get that on trai
    nz simulator 12

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    Your latest newsletter...

    At least we are asked what we would like. Sure the list is a few years older now but asking our thoughts on what we would mainly wish presently for in

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    Your latest newsletter...

    I mean, you couldn't even spell my name right, and it's directly in front of you...

    I don't mean to be ultra critical. I know most of this

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    Your latest newsletter...

    Whatever you do, good or bad, people will always have something negative to say.

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    Your latest newsletter...

    Not sure I can add anything that the majority of sensible people have already said. The original post clearly ignores the facts and you'd wonder why bother

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    Your latest newsletter...

    I understand where you are coming from here but no matter how they presented it without using that image, someone would "dredge it up" and accuse

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    Australian screenshots

    Those images certainly bring back many childhood memories of Circular Quay.
    Your 1950s Sydney certainly looks like a masterpiece in the making.

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    Looks really nice. Keep going .

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    Australian screenshots

    Phil, I'm 81 years of age and I kid you not, I welcome constructive criticism on anything that I produce. I learn from other people's work and mistakes.

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    PRR Screenshots

    Re Post 1172 and 1175 ! Very nice shot guys ! The snow on the coal ''thing'' is wow !

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    PRR Screenshots

    Re post #1772 gtasa

    Very nice shot, please can we see more.

    Tidewater (amended)

    Cheers. evilcrow

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    PRR Screenshots

    You have a good starting line there . Nice shot gtasa Often wish for sound with these .


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