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    JMRI and trainz

    Possibly, but my skepticism would have been greatly reduced if you had registered your copy of Trainz (and it does not cost anything except a little time

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    What is a "Gimmiepig?"

    A gimmie pig is a pig that doesn't produce any bacon


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    Old wooden buildings

    Also check out co71 he has a ton of buildings, as in hundreds. Most may not suit but there are wooden old west buildings in there which undoubtedly would

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    JMRI and trainz

    Reread post operation pro. Not a place holder for spam. looking for different ways to use trainz.

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    Missing Kuids? Post them here.

    Sorry if this isn't the right place for this question, but the YVRR No.23 4-4-0 download from www.trainzforge.weebly.com (supposedly compatible with TRS2012,

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    Jaketrainz Shay's

    All 4 of his videos say that his content is on the DLS. I don't see any links a to a non-dls website, but a google search does bring up his 2 website

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    PRR Screenshots

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    Tumbler Ridge Project

    This route still in the works?

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    Townsville Route Under Construction

    I guess that answer is no. Hope we haven't lost him altogether? Meanwhile sadly I think I'll be closing my website, as the annual fees have jumped from

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    Like AlexMaria the short answer is VERY busy with other things than Trainz.

    RealLife TM kicked back in full swing because of Covid Relaxations

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    I've been exceptionally busy lately, and i will still be for the following two weeks.

    I'm currently working on a 485 Series reskin pack,

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    Modifying KESR

    One research I did is, these assets have old version on DLS, but I don't know how if I can switch to the old version on my side, or you may do it

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