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    Missing Kuids? Post them here.

    Hi Forester1, this may (?) be a reference to the first kuid you listed (the poster isn't specific - bourne3) Maybe PM him, presumably he knows who the

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    Wow! Great site for ideas!

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    Missing Kuids? Post them here.

    Looking for the following unknowns by bourne3 for his SAN FRANCISCO - MUNI METRO route. Maybe there is a pcak somewhere?:

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    I gotta do a ton of power-flo reskins
    found a ton of paint schemes on rr-fallenflags.org and http://www.boxcars.us/
    either that or I could

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    Nice! Now why didn't I think to search by Power Flo?

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    Yarn/Yarnish T-intersection

    I haven't tried them, but jjeff1955 has uploaded several Yarn T-intersections in February, March, and May of this year. Hopefully fixed? Looks for "Jons

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    Ah, sorry. My apologies.

    You see, i tailored the enginespec to make it work as best as possible while using the cab, and by doing this i

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    Model Railroadz

    I originally bought the TMR bundle to add to my T:ANE standard, and when I got TS2019 Platinum, I got all of those assets. I think any DLC you buy follows

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    Steamshots USA..Lets See Some Steam Shots..

    This is what pretty much happens when I watch to many of trainman7616's video's of his Tennessee and Eastern road; (No offense, dude, your still awesome...)

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    Model Railroadz

    Lol is it really? Oh man. Yeah I'm currently working in TANE. I wonder if the bundle is good for trs19? I saw someone post a shot in the gallery of franklin

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    Model Railroadz

    Hey Bob_ross, I looked up that DLC for the model railroad stuff, and it appears to be for TANE. Just curious , are you running that dlc in trs19 or

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    Trainz Forge: Routes, Reskins and Renders

    Oregon, Columbia, & Southeastern

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