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    Yup much as already been covered and I agree not everything will please everyone. It's the nature of humans and their wants and needs.


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    Your latest newsletter...

    I'm just happy that the news letters confirms that N3V are hoping to get updates out for Tane & TS2019 in 2019. Great news!

    It's pleasing

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    25 Could mean stop releasing betas before they have been properly tested and fixed to a higher degree, which they are definitely doing, judging by those

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    I agree with your analysis but I am not sure that the Polish polisher would also agree.

    Point 8. Auto World Building + Terrain Import Tools

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    In fairness

    Nothing they do is going to meet everyone's expectations.

    1. has had improvements.
    2. has had improvements if you count trains doing

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    Your latest newsletter...

    You seem to have forgotten that the purpose of the original list was not to show "what we will be doing". It was a wish list if the time and

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    Screenshots of European Trains

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    Narrow gauge screenshots

    Thank you very much.

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    Wow, it looks superb, even with just the tracks and the platforms placed on the bare grey baseboards.

    Also, a 221 Series? Looks really nice!

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    Australian screenshots

    Old Bathurst Railway Bridge Link,, there are 3 different Arches seperate from the Bridge and the Bridge spline,, It can be found under the name NSW Old

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    My very slow progress on Lake Biwa line

    Kusatsu Station


    Ishiyama (WIP)

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    USA Pics

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