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    AI Speed Management?

    The most commonly reported reason for AI speed changes is the state of the next signal. If the next signal ahead, regardless of how far ahead (even miles

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    Issue With Steam Installation

    Update: link is to an help article which looks to be safe.
    Sorry for any possible confusion!


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    AI Speed Management?

    AI constantly manages the speed of "in-session" trains. Is there any way to reveal the reason for the the changes in speed? Some you can guess

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    Issue With Steam Installation

    Thanks a ton, I was able to get the issue resolved from here.

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    Thank you for explenation

    Thank you.. you helped me a lot!

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    Missing Kuids? Post them here.

    JR 40ft Blue Sky Ctr/Trlr • from routes "Eagle River Railway", "Cowlitz Valley", "CPR Mountain Sub Seasonal" and "CPR

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    Show Off Your Routes *Potential For Large Screenshots*

    Nice work as always here! Keep it up .... Here you can see a melting graphics card with extremely spinning fan on NS Lambert'S Point

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    Very nice@ AlexMaria

    I bought the 223 series from JIRC. And it is really good. It comes with a manual which is what proper payware trains

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    Seibu 9000 Series. Some stations on Kurotrick's Hanwa Line (Hineno in this case) can very easily and nicely "stand-in" as locations on many

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    New Aircraft

    Bonsoir, un objet qui ne manque pas d'air !!!

    Bravo Pascal, belle idée !!!

    Amitié, Marc

    For english language:

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    Screenshots of European Trains

    More Swiss feeling...

    Marc, wonderful and fantastic Pictures!

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    Yes indeed. I looked at Google Maps and realised that part of this route maybe nice to add to it. In fact there are lot's of expansion possibilities.

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