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  • Nicolas' Content Creator

    This It's The Group That Creates Content

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  • Eastern Steam Excursions

    Anyone who loves Steam Excursions in the Eastern half of the U.S can join!


    N&W 611 N&W 1218 CN 3254 SOU 4501

    PRR 1361 The Strasburg Railroad NKP 765

    PM 1225 NKP 587 C&O/SOU 2716.

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  • NorthWest Trainz Workshops Team

    Hello, this is nickrailfan.

    I've created this group for anyone interested in joining my team as I'm looking to expand my NorthWest Trainz Workshops team.

    I'm currently accepting applications from any trainzers from the pacific northwest. (i.e. Washington, Idaho, Oregon, British Columbia)

    Current open positions:

    Two route builders

    Two reskinners

    At least one beta tester

    Someone with the knowledge to create a website to host some of our content

    If you are interested, please ask to join and have a look at the 'applications' page. There, post what position you're interested in, some pictures of your work and why you think you'd be a good part of the team.


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  • Trainz Adventures Fan Club

    Trains Adventures Is A YouTube Series I made About 3 Engines and their friends, they live on the city and country USA route. The 3 Engines are named Spamcam, A Green Deltic who pulls the express, Big George, A Union Pacific big boy, who is the main freight Engine, And Larry A Red Santa Fe f7a Diesel who also pulls the express alongside spamcam, he also sometimes doubleheads trains with him. They travel to different routes in the game, and even end up on my routes! This Group is for fans of the series!

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  • Polskie Linie Kolejowe

    Zrzeszenie Polskich Graczy Trainz

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