Lafond Regional Railway Release Update

  1. hiawathamr
    Good morning everyone,

    Just wanted to thank you for those that beta tested the Lafond Regional Railway DLC a month ago. [s]While nothing changed, today I received an email indicating that its now LIVE and if you old a Trainz Gold Membership, you should have access to the package 641 (this is what TCCP is telling me anyway).
    After the preview pass expires, you should then be able to pickup a copy of the route.[/s]

    The DLC is now available on the Trainz Store, Steam, and (in theory anyway) the Mac Store.
    Product info and additional media can be viewed on the Lafond Regional Railway web page: https://hiawathamr.weebly.com/lafond-regional-railway.html
    Thank you again beta testers that sent in the reports for issues to be resolved. Hope to see you next time

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