1. hiawathamr
    Welcome to the group.
    This is a public group for all DLC's created by Hiawathamr / Hiawathamr Trainz Add-ons.
    Feel free to join, and keep up to date on what becomes available for testing and such and receive announcements when a DLC goes live via N3V's Trainz Store.

    All DLC;s created by Hiawathamr will be under NDA terms unless otherwise stated. The NDA terms can be viewed here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DvD...ew?usp=sharing

    All beta testing will be condicted via N3V's TCCP here: https://tccp.auran.com/beta_packages.php
    More info about N3V's TCCP can be found here: http://info.trainzsimulator.com/tccp

    That should be all. Have fun.

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