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  1. cameronjames
    First off: HI, i am Cameron, i've been playing trainz since 2009, and i've been gaining experience in the field of installing and changing content since then.
    Recently i decided i want experience in areas other than simply changing a horn sound, or editing a source-file to make the light some stupid color like blue.
    I'm the group moderator, and so far as i can tell i've got the most experience of us all.

    I invite anybody in the group to introduce themselves and give a small description on why you want more experience and what experience you currently have.
    keep in mind that any and all experience in any field is greatly appreciated, but if you have no experience, feel free to tag along. you might learn a thing or two(which is why i created the group in the first place.

    Welcome, and learn-on!
  2. BigBoyFan4006
    I guess I'll be first to tell about themselves (unless someone beats me to it at the last second). I don't have that much content experience, other than switching around kuids (for hornsounds, bogies, loads, etc.) and very basic reskinning. But I do have experience with hornsounds, particularly three-part hornsounds (which I have several uploaded on the DLS). I'm looking at gaining experience making custom engine sounds for steam locomotives (but this may not happen for quite awhile). And I have a fairly intermediate knowledge. I hope that I can help anyone who needs help or simply wants to learn.
  3. ourense
    Well I have had experience with Blender but adding textures that look right AHHHHH!!! is about what my thoughts are as the results.
  4. USSc1798
    Hello, I am USSc1798, I wanted to join this group because I hope to learn more about weathering locos, scripting locos and also doing animations. I am familiar with creating 3d meshed however I have trouble creating bogies. I would also consider myself to be a dab hand at re-skinning. I also am very good at making old content work in later versions of Trainz. I am also learning ho to create engine sounds and whistle sounds for steam locomotives. I would also mention that I am one of the few people who can effectively use alpha-texturing and that I am willing to share my current knowledge to anyone who politely asks.
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