TOPSIG Discussion

  1. JIb228
    Need to know some thing? Got some thing to ask? Have ideas?

    Post them here!
  2. Blu3wolf
    question number one - is this group active?

    question number two - if so, can you recommend what assets I might want to download for prototypical operations on trainz 2012?
  3. JIb228
    Sorry for the late replay. It is and it isnt. The group here sees no activity. But the TOPSIG name is active. I have found that the group feature wasn't as useful as we thought it would have been. As for content, Look up Fox Mountain & Little River Railroad on botht he forums and the DLS. Fun little CMTMS MP route. The Sigle player session is broken, but I am working on a update for both MP and SP.
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