Group project talk

  1. LWVRR
    We can start a thread about the group projects here. If I remember correctly There was 3 or 4 mentioned through all the emails.
  2. pcas1986
    Perhaps it would be better to have a thread for each one? Might avoid some confusion. However, identifying the projects here first and then spawning a new thread might be useful.

    I don't have a group project in mind but i would be prepared to help out with another if I have the right skills.
  3. Jananton
    I think this is a subject better started on our private forum that Ted has set up.
    Later, when decissions are made and concrete plans are set on track (pun intended) we could make progress reports here if we like.


  4. LWVRR
    There is a special announcement about this...see here- http://yesterdayztrainz.federalprodu...roup-projects/
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