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  1. LWVRR
    I want to stick with this until our home is ready to be moved into.
  2. Jananton
    That's why I mentioned a kind of backoffice contruction on the website some time ago to Ted. One forum there for members only, et viola, one place to get all the discussions together, no bulk posts in your mailbox anymore and everybody happy if you ask me.
    Remind me to bring it up again when the website's login procedure is send to all of us.


  3. LWVRR
    I did notice that Ted put a page up for a forum on our site.
  4. LWVRR
    I spoke too soon...the forum page is no longer there?
  5. Jananton
    It's under members only. Patience my dear Watson, patience.
  6. frogpipe
    Working out the kinks. One thing that is new to me is having forum AND website access, so I'm sorting that all out. Few more days....
  7. LWVRR
    Thanks for the update.
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