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  1. johnwhelan
    So in theory only those who are members of this group can post and read the messages?

    I'm still not certain what the advantage is over posting in the content support forum is.

    Ta John
  2. mjolnir
    The Blenderheads public group was my second choice, after a subforum under Content Creation Support dedicated to Blender related issues.

    The advantages I had in mind when I launched the group were generally to improve the "signal to noise ratio" of messages related to Blender. Blender specific, and advanced topics messages placed here might be less likely to be missed than if they were in the main CCS forum. But I still anticipate that questions by the general community ("Can I use blender to > <?", or "Should I learn blender or GMAX?") would go in the larger forum.

    At the time I launched the group, though, I did not realize that there was a limit (1000 characters) on the message length here.

  3. Jananton
    Hmm, where did you see that 1000 character limit, or was it mentioned when you created this niche?

    Somehow this seems very restrictive.

    On a different note shouldn't uncategorized rather be changed in content-creation or something like that?

    Greetings from sunny Amsterdam,

  4. steamboateng
    One function could perhaps be a common repository for Blender links to tutorials and projects. For instance, gettting to know the new Blender interface. I'm working with v. 2.61and I find it has somewhat more functionality than v. 2.49. The uv mapping mode seems to a lot simpler, and normal map baking a bit easier.
    I found these sites to be very helpful in learning the new interface:

  5. Jananton
    Good idea. One that certainly shouldn't be missed are the new manual pages for the 2.6x builds.
    I'm allways an advocat of documentation directly from the horse's mouth.

    Greetings from sunny Amsterdam,

  6. johnwhelan
    It does seem that you have to check separately though to see if anything has been posted. I thnik content creation is probably still the place to post a question.

    Cheerio John
  7. Jananton
    Hmm, it seems you have only two choices for notification. Either via your control panel, or by email.
    One would expect something to show up via the notifications drop down at the top of the forum pages, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
    All in all, stumbling through the faq here, I get the distinct feeling that most of the 'interesting' options found there aren't activated by N3V.
    What I would like to deactivate is that little nagging yellow auto-saved popup notifying me constantly that my most important scribblings are saved for posterity.

    Greetings from sunny Amsterdam,

  8. polotroop
    bonjours je suis nouveau sans vouloir cree des problemes jai une question je n'arrive pas a utiliser le PN ???
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