can anyone here make trains that are easy to reskin?

  1. AngryTrainMan
    if anyone here can make any type of train that can be reskinned easy please make some then let me know.
  2. cameronjames
    if you like steam, check out steammachine.com/bdeneal/
    lots of good trains, and every single one is skinnable(and fairly easy, considering the DLS is full of reskins of these very engines)

    the freeware section of jointedrail.com has some nice engines, and they are somewhat skinnable for the most part, but its much harder, and the JR team is kind of whip-and-leash about their copyrights on the content. so don't expect to be uploading the skins you make anytime soon(i still love ya' JR)
    trainzforge.com also has tons of reskins, so maybe try to contact somebody on their team and try to get guidance. hope this helps - C.CPL Cameron Ball
  3. Dcatrambone
    make a AEM-7 Into a SEPTA AEM-7
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