i'm new to reskining and need help!

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  1. AngryTrainMan
    I'm new to reskining and need help! I have Microsoft paint and pain.net and am on trainz 12 and the trainz wiki is little help because its not as detailed as I need it. please someone help!
  2. AngryTrainMan
    paint.net sorry
  3. Jonas05
    Well I have a way of reskining. I simply make a clone of a locomotive right click edit edit in explorer open engine body and edit the paint files in paint.net and then I save commit and bam
  4. AngryTrainMan
    thanks i just completed my first re-skin and its pretty good, is a gp38 bnsf loco
  5. Jonas05
    Great. Any other things you are new at just let me know.
  6. Jonas05
    Can you upload it on the download station?
  7. AngryTrainMan
    i want to get better at it first
  8. AngryTrainMan
    im getting better
  9. AngryTrainMan
    I could if some one can tell me how to get a thumbnail attached to it.
  10. nickrailfan
    You can copy a thumbnail tag from another asset and simply put in the dimensions and file name/extension of the pic you wish to set as the thumbnail.

    Before uploading, make sure the license doesn't prohibit it. If you're using a JR loco you already broke the EULA and you could get in some legal trouble for that, with the intellectual copyright policies and such.

    If you want a good GP38-2 model that you are able to upload, look for davesnow's on the DLS. Once you're done, go here: https://forums.auran.com/trainz/show...eeware-Uploads and ask Dave to let you upload it. If he finds it to be good enough quality, he'll let you upload it. Just make sure to put 'permission obtained from davesnow for uploading' in the asset description, I didn't once and I got some backlash.

    Hope all this helps a bit.
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