make a railroad

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  1. kaiville12
    We should make a USA huge with subways and realsitic real sounded trains that goes from terminal to terminal and as the group name make things come to life also lets make more people. I LOVE TRAINZ!!!!!!
  2. pipefitter-helper
    Hey -- That is a good idea!

    I am new at this game, so I am at your direction. Do you have any ideas as to how or where to start and who parses out the
    work load?

    I am only too happy to be a part of such a project. Just say the word and lets get started.

    Pipefitter Helper
  3. parrthd1
    Maybe a Model of Chicago and outer suburbs… Obviously we would have to pick communities and then Merge the Route into one file… That would be a great idea, use popular content… model the Rail line for at least 20 miles out of Chicago… Use google maps… or we could make a street running railway that goes to the suburbs with a railway museum… great ideas guys!
  4. Saturnr
    I like the street running with rail museum, but the other would be okay too, sorry I haven't looked at this group recently.
  5. EnginneerJoe
    Suggestion, Transcontinental US Line, with the UP and CP engines that met at Promontory Point, Utah running the line.
  6. preston725
    hi engineerjoe, I think that is a AWESOME idea!!!!!
  7. EnginneerJoe
    Another idea, All narrow-gauge lines pre-1920's.
  8. ktain.ny
    hey... new comer here... I'd love to help with anything SG and in the US... shoot me a PM
  9. EnginneerJoe
    Hi ktain.ny, and all others check out my blog called "Big Boy Lover's." Talk all about Big Boy's.
  10. Railwoodman
    Just making the rounds to see if there's any interest in further conservation here . Has anyone gotten the layout ? and would you recommend any routes , by anyone ?

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