1. Enzo1
    Here you can share your memories of the UP Railroad at its best!
  2. betancp
    Well, I'm a dyed in the wool Espee lover (Sacramento was THE SP town - I was a kid during the Kodachrome period), but I gotta give it to UP for retaining former-SP assets, and the UP crewman back in '99 who risked his job and let me go around and get close-up detail photos of two waiting SD40T-2s and climb aboard a GP38-2 at MP 95. That was a good day, and I cherish those photos he let me take.
  3. pdkoester
    I had more influence from the Peninsula commuter trains, Southern Pacific GP-9s, SD-9s, SD tunnel units, even the Spirity of '76 and Cotton Belt units. They all were pulling the Pullman bi-levels and Harriman coaches. All the freight trains up and down the Peninsula, too. Then I got to knowing more about Union Pacific, and primarily the Western Pacific. Even had some Sacramento Northern and Rio Grande stuff. I will update this when I have more time. I just discovered all these groups.

  4. NSSD70MAC
    i in real life saw ferromex with UP SD70MAC And NS SD70MAC
  5. BigBoyFan4006
    I live in the NW part of Arkansas, so I'm pretty much surrounded by UP. When I was 3, I lived in a small community with a rail crossing on the edge of the main part of the community, and I would watch the trains passing by quiet often. Since the locomotives were that classic UP yellow, yellow became my favorite color. Anywho, one night my dad takes me down to the crossing and a train was sitting there, for what reason I don't know. I was excited! We got out of the car to look, and one of the engineers envites us to come in. The best experience of my early childhood. I got to sit in both seats and blew the horn. I still remember my excitement when I told my mom what happened.
  6. ktain.ny
    My earliest memory of UP is A big boy. I was 7 years old and my parents had taken me to the steam town railroad museum. when we pulled up in our car, and I saw that monster parked out front...

    It was a great feeling. that engine was huge compared to me... I was about half the size of one of it's 16 drivers.
  7. EpicMat20082
    My Earliest memory at point is of a SP Locomotive, i was 9, dont remember the class but it was the UP Patch and i just felt the nostalgia of the SP coming to me since a few years before i visited the SP up Patch i saw the GS 4449 steaming past.
  8. Dcatrambone
    One of my memories i guess was in pawtucket rhode island yard in 2015 when i saw a up sd70m was in the yard with 2 norfolk and southern diesels too while coming home from a pizza place i also amtrak too sorry for being off topic for the railroads and bumping
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