Big Boy Restoration

  1. AMTRAKwannabe
    Has anyone else here heard that UP 4014 is being renovated to be put back into regular service? It will be by 2019
  2. BigBoyFan4006
    Are you talking about restoring it to running condition? If so, that rumor has been floating around for a while (but I don't think it was 4014). I think it was started in the 90's, but I could be wrong.
  3. BigBoyFan4006
    But it would be awesome for someone to get one back in running order!
  4. Enzo1
    I have, its currently in Cheyenne, WY where its restoration is taking place. It arrived there I think either last month or May. From what I have heard, when its done, its headed back to Pomona where it came from to blow off some steam before going live for the rest of the country.
  5. AMTRAKwannabe
    I thought it was gonna be at the UPHS convention in Omaha(2019)...
  6. Enzo1
    It probably will be. I'm sure it can get around quite well once it's done being restored. We'll just have to wait and see what is official then. Remember, 2019 is only 5 years away, a lot can change in half-a-decade.
  7. BigBoyFan4006
    Let's just hope they don't make any changes that would doom the whole project, or the entire steam program itself. There are a quite a few people who aren't too pleased about none of the steam locomotives being in operating order.
  8. cameronjames
    i'm still infuriated they decided to add a bigboy to the roster instead of actually fixing 3985.
    if they decide to restore a UP 2-10-2 instead of SP #4294 next i will flip my lid!

    by the way that rumor about a restoration started in the late 90s when UP was looking at buying 4018 from its current owners. it was eventually moved, which got the UP foamers in a craze, but it was just a move to a new location. since then they've been speculating 4014 will be the actual contestant for a restoration, as its former owners kept it in good shape and preformed numorous restorations... many people(myself included) speculate that if you put a fire in her belly she might even be able to move with minial effort.
  9. BigBoyFan4006
    Yeah, I read about the rumor it in the Trains issue featuring the Big Boy.

    UP actually still owns a 2-10-2 (UP 5511) and keeps it in their steam shops, but there's very little chance that they would restore it because of its top speed of 40 mph. And there's not much (or really any) reason for UP to restore SP 4294, as UP never even owned it. It really isn't even a part of UP's heritage, other than once being owned by SP.
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