Self-Schooling references, 3D asset creation

  1. Fabartus
    This thread is a links collection of useful site information of general interest to anyone looking to expand knowledge of asset building.
    Please post only to the topic with a link, and a little discussion paragraph about what is found on the page. Chit-chat or questions can be addressed on the community Yesterdayz Trainz group discussion thread here on the Auran forums.

    I invite everyone to pay forward and even link discussion pages here. // Frank
  2. Fabartus
    1) This link is a school which has (at the moment) two versions of an online study guide recommended by long time Trainzer mjolnir (aka Brasshat): http://www.cdschools.org/Page/455.
    2) The Wikibooks tutorials, start at pages listed in Asset Creation
    3) This is a good little tutorial on installing active load simulations in railroad cars.
    4) This site has some good Rolling Stock pictures to Blenderize... (http //lariverrailroads.com)
  3. Fabartus
    re: (www.cowboystrainzstation.com/)

    This is a link I found off the narrow gauge railroader Steamsmasher's website. It's a pharmacist that specializes in Old West Content creation and routes. There several tutorials he's put together - notably on on doing people, and I think you'll find he's done some nice assets, particularly Steam Locos. // Frank
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