Reskinning help

  1. AMTRAKwannabe
    I'm new to reskinning and need some help, can someone help me with creating the Union Pacific's 4141? I really need some help.
    UP 4141(SD70ACe)
  2. AMTRAKwannabe
    Also, can someone tell me where I can get some FREEWARE NS TopGon's, I can't find any on the DLS.
  3. NSSD70MAC
    Ask Jointed Rail or Just reskin sd40-2 it nice i have 2 SD40-2 UP heritages my homemade so paint shed and reskin
  4. AMTRAKwannabe
    You know the heritage units are SD70ACe's right?
  5. NSSD70MAC
    hey hey my computer are broken im at laptop of my parents
  6. NSSD70MAC
    these unit are on JOINTED Rail Payware you can Reskin a Ferromex SD70ACE this are on DLS
  7. AMTRAKwannabe
    The George Bush isn't on JR's site...I've tried the DLS ones (too detailed for beginners).
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