Laurel Line New Tracks

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  1. LWVRR
    I was asked about this so I thought I'd post a picture of the old tracks I used verses the new tracks. Old tracks are on the bottom.
  2. girlsloverailroads2
    I thought your email response to the group, explaining why you chose to make these, Janaton's contribution, and a bit of history about the second rail was quite interesting- learned some new things- (Great new ballast underneath!) Thanks ! Could we put the info here- for Trainzers that don't belong to Yesterdayz Trainz, but find their way here? Thanks again. Rebecca
  3. LWVRR
    We can add this to the web site some time down the road, I believe that it's still a work in progress. We should wait for the finished product.
  4. Jananton
    Well Scott, you're the bta tester here, if you don't have or see any problems or need for other types, the tracks are good to go. I'll only have to bring the thumbnails up to our LL specs.

    I suggest to wait however until the site is up and running properly and there's still a tunnel track to come of course. I haven't started on that one yet.


  5. JCitron
    The track is very nice. This is much easier than trying to add in a spline to regular two-rail track and a lot nice than the older 3-rail track we already have.

  6. 817TAYLOR
    looks pretty damn cool
  7. LWVRR
    There seems to be small issues with the track. I've noticed sections not showing up...I don't know if it's my settings or the track. I'll keep an eye on it.
  8. Jananton
    Scott, I haven't looked at the tracks in SP1, so I hope it isn't related to that. If it's the end_prev, end_next pieces vanishing in the distance that's intentional, but can be changed of course. Drop me an email to discuss.


  9. LWVRR
    I want to see if I can capture a picture of this. It's not something that happens all the time.
  10. Fabartus
    Why, pray tell are you chatting in a notice board site? Scott started a main forum thread... you can't even respond to quotes here. And how in the heck did one or two blossom into six tracks? Note I hadn't got an email notice for any of these posts but on the changes to the first two.

    Let's all get on the main track!
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