Some signals I'm working on...

  1. frogpipe

    Got permission from the original author, who himself had another party do the modeling, to update these buggers.

    Originally there were only Block/Distant, Home/Distant, and Distant/Distant - I've parlayed that in the set shown in the picture.

    They correspond to Signal USA XX as far as function goes and follow UP rules up to a point. I'm stuck with 2 arms / 2 positions so I made the "03"s to display caution before a diverging.

    I also am toying with the bottom relay box shown at the base of 00 (called 00 because it is Caution/Advance Caution and there's no Signal USA XX equivalent).

    Since I don't have access to the meshes, I used an alpha channel to "erase" the concrete base and then made a new bottom box in Gmax. Still fiddling with it.
  2. Fabartus
    Looks good, but It'd be better to view the details if the world time had the sun high overhead so to improve the contrast. I'm afraid the last three or so are getting lost in the evergreen backdrop. I'm clueless on what such semaphore signals mean--as well as the double and triple USA lights. Good tutorial topic there I think. I'm not much of a driver! LOL REALLY! Okay, in a car maybe! Want some session scripts written with Lots of AI Drivers to get in your way, and some html pages etc. for a session and the like, sure. I spent time mastering such for my own complicated sessions. But that and world building have had a lot more of my attention than catching up on all the variants out there. I'm still on a steep learning curve, but I do like their look--just haven't had the urge or the time to chase down what they mean.
  3. Fabartus
    What's with this group page and 1000 character limits!? Continuation!

    Had enough troubles getting signaling set up properly and AI Drivers working so to not have collisions when some were in loop runs that repeated and ended up using same tracks as others in similar states long into a sim. Getting the intial runs was easier, but telling two loco's to wait at the same trackmark or station et. al. at the same time is a bit dicey!
  4. Fabartus
    Scott signed me up for the DropBox, and you have a great collection signal refs Frogpipe! Now I can figure out how to be more faithful to a period, and drive a bit better. Actually like CAB mode, but not for a first run over a new unfamiliar route. I jes gots lots to learn!
  5. frogpipe


    * Unused back specticle arm and added corona for it
    * Numbers on mechanical box (can be set in surveyor properties box, numbers drawn from texture library)
    * Unused number board (can be toggled to be visible or invisible, shows "name" using usual text effects)
    * Lower relay box in place of huge concrete foundation
  6. frogpipe

    Almost ready....
  7. Fabartus
    They're looking great! This kind of 'this is ready' announcement seems to be the only thing these group pages are good for. Can't even quote a response, so I think I'm going to start us a group thread on the regular web board.
  8. Fabartus
    Just thought I'd thank you again for these now that I've had a chance to play with them in TS10 and TS12, they look Magnifique!!! // Frank
  9. frogpipe
    Great to hear!
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