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  1. Fabartus
    On the Wikibooks vs N3V wiki, I agree that much is better on the wiki. However, CHAPTER organized exploitation of a How-To topic lends itself to better integrated tutorial kinds of things. Step by Step works better in a longer format. Each exposition phase is a sub-sub-page, the chapter a sub-page of the book. In practice, I think they should be cross-linked and the books seeded with plainlinks inline to source web boards, or sometimes, citations. The 'plainlinks' appear at words end, or are a hyperlink directly off Wikibooks. Since the book project also controls style guide, we can get away with it. That's how many citations were embedded in Wikipedia before the software was extended to include footnotes to various formal academic styles.
  2. girlsloverailroads2
    Part 1- (1000 charachetr limit... really?)
    I might be of some help as a wiki 'tutorial' user, but not yet as a contributor. I am still new to Trainz. I have never had a chance yet to see EITHER Wikis of which you speak. The forum folk have (so far) been kind enough to answer all my questions/concerns. I have TRS2010, patched to CM 3.3. I spend my Trainz time keeping Content Manager working as best as possible, which is trying some times, but mostly my time has been spent downloading content from the DLS and working on my private route.

    In the hopes of eventually reskinning and ultimately creating textures, buildings etc, from the eras that I think Yesterdayz Trainz is concentrating on (still to be made definite... maybe 1890-1950?), I downloaded Gimp and PaintNet. I have lightly skipped through those (Paint Net seems better for me, but that could change). I already had Photoshop Elements and Microsoft Picture IT 9 installed for artwork & photos. Rebecca
  3. girlsloverailroads2
    Part 2- (sorry.. misspelled 'character')
    I installed the (PEV) tools to be able to slowly learn how to fix errors, but have not done that yet and I've read all of Shane's Tutorials, using whatever I already needed.
    I've read a huge number of old & new posts to get an idea of the problems and joys of Trainz. I've watched a few YouTube videos to see how some things are done, but I'm better with the written word AND corresponding videos to learn from. I think I might make a good guinea pig for trying out your wiki instructions- I'm also a good editor (a better editor than writer actually), meaning if I found an instruction confusing, I might be able to construct the info in a different way to make it easier to understand and follow. Rebecca
  4. girlsloverailroads2
    Part 3 of this message-
    Like everyone, I barely have enough time to work on my own route and still check the forums, Yesterdayz Trainz emails, Yesterdays Trainz dropbox folders, and now this group within the forum. And, like more than a few of us, my eyesight is getting worse, but I want to evolve and want to see other newbies learn & enjoy the process as well as the 'ride'.

    If I can be of help, let me know. Thanks for thinking of helping Trainzers like me- still wet behind the ears, (albeit old as the hills everywhere else), Rebecca
  5. Fabartus
    I think all of that would have been great, and perhaps best put in an email, this is a forum site, the thread started to co-ordinate a bit of volunteerism and garner critical input and efforts of those who are far more experienced that I in Trainz. I'm ahead of you in some ways, in others you've outstripped me. But these things are, I think, private topics, a forum is not for confessions of personal histories. Maybe I'm wrong, but these group threads are a business kind of thing in my mind. No harm, just not a place for conversation. Mail me back. Glad to help, and there's no time like now to look at the wikibook. If nothing else, just having someone else view stuff with a critical eye and add paging links (while reading it cover to cover) would be a tremendous help right now. I've only gotten through the front of it myself.

    Here's a different link to it, cost me much of time to put up from scratch, http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Trainz/...How_to_proceed
  6. Fabartus
    The danged facility doesn't allow quoted responses either. This is a ridiculous design!

    re: I might be of some help as a wiki 'tutorial' user, but not yet as a contributor. I am still new to Trainz.
    snip, snip -1105 words limit sucks, snip snip ... which is trying some times, but mostly my time has been spent downloading content from the DLS and working on my private route.

    You are actually a perfect tutorial writer for newbie problems, when you hit a stumbling block then have that AHA moment and now can fix it. Reconstruct the experience into a quick tutorial with a few screen shots and the story. HELP doesn't have to be about complicated, the UNFAMILIAR and how things go together are even more valuable to growth. Your tutorial could be the difference between someone getting frustrated with Trainz and someone becoming a power user like some of the group.
  7. pcas1986
    Sorry, I haven't responded earlier. I was expected the site to alert me of responses but got none.
    I've written a couple of tutorials and had very little feedback. I've also tried recording my progress in loco building in a blog. That turned out to be as much work as the loco building. So, more recently over the last few months I've been writing scripts for folk.
  8. JCitron
    I keep forgetting about this link too because this is off the main forum.

    I too can write tutorials. I used to do that at one time as part of my career. I did a bunch of How-to documents that I handed out to all the staff. I was then "promoted" to documentation librarian and then made responsible for all job procedures and in-department documentation for running the daily batch jobs. When we finally had graphics abilities, I then put in in-line graphics with run-arounds and captions.

    If done well, we could have an awesome "product" for the community.
  9. Fabartus
    Yeah, me too, Actually couldn't figure out how to find my way back here, and sure didnt' get any email notices even though I'm subscribed, so some glue code is missing in the web page design. I'll submit a ticket. This 1000 char limit and lack of quotes makes this useful only as a notice board.

    But nobody gets a notice about the notice. What a great way to go unnoticed... Harumph!
  10. Fabartus
    Don't know what good it will do, but I used the report button to report the thread is not giving us notices...

    ON the business side, Rebecca, I'm going to want a beta tester for a how to upgrade a stock route I was fiddling with this morning:
    1) installing Portals and signals and junctions and crossovers on a demo route (Was used in Trainz 1.0, and many others since.)
    2) Replacing dummy stations with interactive industry type ones, including using invisible platforms and kit bashing a 'in place' working station combining building, the industry, and a spline platform and roof, all set up so it looks sweet.
    3) Extending a board of the route, including matching terrain altitudes of a mountain, textures, and installing both a tunnel and bridge to the portal hidden in said extended mountain.
    4) Not sure how I can make three work, as watching texturing and copying terrain and such is likely better in a video, but we'll see if we can do something in text and pics.

    Are you game?
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