Trainz 12 Service Pack 1 let down for 2013

  1. MNIBARI08
    Dear users,

    Sorry to see the TS12 Service Pack 1 has been a let down this year, not because SP1 Changelist its because it's very unstable and the patch is to big. It has also has problems installing and patching.

    If it has been installed the Trainz software will not load. I am wondering now if this has put a lot of us right out, A lot of users will have to revert back to 49922 to get the Trainz software running.

    I seen that NV3 has mess this one up this year I am more sad this year due to the very unstable patch.

    It is unwise to download 1.8gb file and above. smaller patches are recommended for PC'S to take a bit at a time and resting time to shut down a PC during the night or resting time for yourself

    NNT has a team we will always recommend smaller patches and not a 1.8gb file


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