1. Shon23
    welcome to group route builder
    .no spam
    .no prank
    .no talk bad text
    .no talk this (idiot or asshole)
    make this for me
    .send me message from problem your
    .if you create or give locomotive australian or uk on site go on site send me message loco
    .send me message if give on site loco or level crossing uk or ireland or QR or australian
    .send me message locos with auran DLS add on your site in message enter site your URL with locos
    .send me message level crossing with DLS australian level crossing add on your site in message enter URL site
    .like new locos
    route builder
    you build me route and add on your site send me message in message URL your site with routes
    send me all addons with DLS level crossings like you can send me message in message links url site your with addons From DLS
    my roblox trainmaster444
    my youtube tixonok1
  2. Shon23
    soon route my with addons from DLS
  3. Shon23
    i moderator my profile
  4. trevor1941
    How do you upload routes from imac?????
  5. EnginneerJoe
    Shon23, I am currently working on a route based on a line in my head. It's based in the U.S., I was wondering if someone could tell me how to set up a freight yard similar to the Fort Worth Stock Yards. Since it is on a downhill grade. Every time I try to adjust ground height, the tracks end up below ground. How do you fix this?
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