1. kcwright_rm
    Well Hello! i am here to kick off this group with the WM being my favorite RR, feel free to talk about the Chessie, CSX's WM divisions, Railroads that own WM tracks or that were bought by WM, and of course The Western Maryland

  2. prussianeagle96
    Being a native of Frostburg, Maryland; the Wild Mary has always been my favorite railroad despite my family having worked for the Baltimore and Ohio in the past. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Taylor Parker, and it is a pleasure to meet y'all. I am in the process of trying to become an assistant on the WMSR with coming of 1309 soon. I do hope to also shine light upon the Cumberland and Pennsylvania RR of my home area as well, one of the few railroads that has ever built their own trains.
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