Newcasle Quayside Branch

  1. nathanmallard
    The Newcastle Quayside branch was a 1-mile long branch line from Trafalgar Sidings to the quayside. It was electrified by Sir Vincent Raven of the North Eastern Railway, who built several ES.1 electric locomotives for use on the line. According to Wikipedia, the line had 3 tunnels, but I thought it just had one. Is anyone able to confirm this? Anyway, my route:

    The entrance to the tunnel, Quayside yard

    Quayside Yard, overview
    And finally, as they are no ES.1's for Trainz (yet) I reskinned this:

    Sorry, PWeiser!
  2. djggra15
    From what my father says it had one tunnel single track that ran from good yard on new bridge street that got bombed out during war and it came out on quay just below old tttv studios he remembers j72 operating on route on the quay and the electric locos they had ohc down to the quay only not on the quay.the tunnel was cut in half when metro was built he was working on this when it was done underneath ECML done at weekends all track was lifted as concrete tunnel was built and track relayed to run trains on the Monday when all done tunnel metro was dug out south end of tunnel was used as a hgv work shop by F holliday and sons for a few yrs and the siding as a hgv night park hope this helps danny
  3. djggra15
    just asked dad to give you more info the line ran a s pattern from where Northumberland college is to the east of bridge on argyle street and came out approx where Regus hotel is now
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