M120: module standard for Model Railroadz

  1. oknotsen
    Hi all,

    To give this a new try, I worked out a module for Model Railroads. It is a pretty open standard and I hope some of you will like the idea enough to give it a go.

    For details, see this topic: http://forums.auran.com/trainz/showt...odel-Railroadz
  2. oknotsen
    Modules made so far:
    - Clark City Terminal Railroad (by meowrailroad)
    - Bigg City Yard (by benjaminw)
    - Farm lands 17 (by oknotsen)
    - Grain Loading (by benjaminw)
    - Two Valleys (by oknotsen)
    - Newton Silos (by mrmegaminer)

    Am I correct or does anyone have a module on the DLS without "m120" in the name?
  3. ourense
    Any way to have the already existing routes updated? I am using a few and the long run is great but a bunch still can't be used to old for trainz version it says sadly any way to walk around this?
  4. oknotsen
    You mean back dating the routes made for a newer version of Trainz?
    Not possible to my knowledge.
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